Sunday, December 09, 2007

Let Us Meme

Well, I'll be...I've been tagged to meme by Shannon so here goes....

I have to list seven things that people wouldn't normally know about me.

1. When I was a baby I never sucked my thumb. My mom said that I preferred my big toe.

2. My arms are really flexible and they hyper extend.

3. When I was a kid and was asked by other kids how to say something in Korean or even Chinese I would make stuff up. I even wrote their names in whatever chicken scratch I could come up with when asked. Yeah. I wasn't very nice but most of the time they weren't either. :)

4. I've never had a flying dream and I feel gipped about that.

5. I've never pumped gas into my own car before.

6. I really enjoy dreams where I am a dance stud and I can really break it down. *lol*

7. I do not know how to even sew a button on a shirt.


Mrs. T said...

Whoa. Those are good ones. I can't think of anything worth knowing that people don't know about me. I can teach you to sew a button on if you want to know. It's been a valuable skill for me, always popping buttons. Also, the made up writing in Korean or Chinese is HILARIOUS! Bravo!

KB said...

Wow! I'm sure they deserved it. How do you live in Texas and not pump your own gas? In Oregon it is against the law to pump your own gas (which I love when it is cold and raining), but you're in Texas ... the land o' driving cars. It's really easy. Mary will teach you how to sew a button and I'll teach you how to pump gas if you teach me how to suck my big toe. ;)

Zay said...

mary: yay!! for knowledgable button sewers who offer out their services. :)

kealy: i take full advantage of the hubby...because of him i've never had to get out of the car and do it and he always keeps it filled.

and with you in yoga...i'm sure you can latch onto your big toe pretty easily. *lol*

Shannon said...

I have to admire you for number five.

And strangely, I too have really flexible arms that hyper extend.

Zay said... hubby doesn't like it when i hang my arm off of furniture or whatever when we are out and about...he says that people will think he broke my arm. :)

when i used to take aikido, though, it was nice having hyper extended was harder to throw me. haha.


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