Thursday, December 06, 2007

It's hard to look away..

This is what I see across the street from my house.

It's horrible and at the same time pretty amusing. My neighbors have had this on display since Dec 1. You should do a drive's better in person. I wish they had one of those snow globes too. I might have to wait for next year to see one of those on my street.


Mrs. T said...

You should be the one with the blow up snow globe...and leave it up until July. Also! You should do a drive-by of our modest decor. Beware though! The display next door is blinding!

KB said...

I'm fine with anything as long as they don't use blue or red lights. I hate those things. Tacky!

Mrs. T said...

My favorite color is red, but agreed: when I see all red lights, it looks like the house of murder. All blue lights looks like the house of...too much blue. Can I get a mixed bag here, people? And an amen?


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