Monday, November 05, 2007

Weekend Recap

Friday: The hubby and I attended a Halloween party thrown by one of his friends and it was a nice low key event. There were around 10 to 12 people there and of course I made sure to hang out by the food table the whole time.

Saturday: It was a gorgeous day and we decided to meet up with the German and her man at Chili's for some lunch. I decided it was a good idea to have a raspberry margarita, which by the way are delicious. Anyone who knows me and my relationship with alcohol knows that I am a complete light weight. So, after Chili's K and I wander around Staples looking for a video card for him. It doesn't take me long to figure out I am a bit drunk and K pointed out that my face was beet red. When we walked back to the car I giggled and hiccuped when I realized I wasn't walking exactly a straight line back to the car.

We spent some time at Lowe's. We debated back and forth about an entertainment center. Lowe's only had one entertainment center model to look at and it came in two different colors. So our choice in furniture was very limited. We could have looked elsewhere and gotten something better built and better looking, but we decided to go ahead with the Lowe's model. Our reasoning went along the lines of we had a gift certificate to Lowe's for a 100 bones. We had gotten 100 bones from my parents. So, at the end of the purchase we only had to spend 100 dollars from our own pockets. If we shopped elsewhere about 200-400 dollars would have come out of our own pockets. It wasn't a hard decision to make.

I'm sad, though, that we didn't leave Lowe's with any yard tools like electric hedgers or gas powered weed whackers.

However, our friend M came over right when we got home from Lowe's and brought us a free lawn mower that his daddy fixed. Suuuuh-weeet! Thanks M's daddy!

Late in the evening I had a marathon telephone conversation with G. We talked until basically i couldn't feel my hand or arm any more so I had to tap out and holler mercy so I could hang up.

Sunday: K and I actually slept in and it was great. It was even better when we walked around the house setting all the clocks back an hour. Another gorgeous day and we decided to wash our faces, brush our teeth and hair, and head on out to have breakfast at Mr. Wills. The place was packed with gents, ladies, and children dressed in camo. must be hunting season. We only thought we had to beat the church crowd. We had no idea that the hunting crowd would be one step ahead of us. It was okay, though, since we got seated right away.

We hung out at the house afterwards and I got caught up on my Grey's Anatomy as K went and did the grocery shopping. The pups spent a lot of time outside on their leads since it was a pretty day.

Later in the day I got to hang out with one of my favorite girls and her mom. We did some stretching, weight training, and walking together. I felt great afterwards and really enjoyed the time together and it was nice to get moving some again for myself too.

K made a fab dinner of steak, mashed 'taters (from potatoes and not flakes), and corn casserole. We also entertained ourselves by watching the movie, "Transformers." We finally watched it and it was action packed and also humorous. I really enjoyed it.

Now I want to hit "rewind" and start the weekend all over again.


the German said...

What a weekend. i wish mine would have been half of yours. poor darrell had to go through buying organic soy milk and going to the big w three times in a row. he was not excited...
so where is the entertainment center??? WE (G&G)WANT TO SEE PICTURES!

Zay said...

photos when the last piece is assembled...k lost steam...he put two out of three pieces together...and to put two of the pieces together it took him from 2:00 until 7:00...

the German said...

i have to send d over to your house. he loves putting stuff together and he is in training!

Zay said...

my k is good at such things too...but you can still send d over...i know k would love to have his company. :)

and why is d in training? are you going to make him build something big next? :)


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