Monday, November 19, 2007

House Officially Warmed

Well, it's pretty obvious by now that I have giving up completely on blogging every day. Since, I've already screwed this up now I don't feel compelled to do this any more. Probably not the attitude I should take but what can I say? I'm a lazy blogger!

So, the housewarming was a success. It was after everyone had left that I had wished I would have left the end time wide open. I had so much fun visiting with everyone and showing my house off. I loooooved that everyone munched on a lot of the food. There was one lone meatball left in the crock pot. Good job, guys!

There was even some DDR played even though I think it may have turned off some folks from going out and purchasing their own. I had told the German to not show off too much or she would intimidate everyone from playing, but she couldn't help herself and felt the DDR juices whooshing through her veins. I must admit neither of us can help ourselves when our feet hit the plastic dance pad.

Thanks to K's aunt we had plenty of seating and tables to provide for everyone there. I even got plenty of serving stuff from her and also my girlfriend, J. (where were you J??)

The cupcakes were a success and I could kick myself for not taking photos of the mini cupcakes that K had decorated. They were gorgeously decorated with chocolate covered sunflower seeds.

By the time I hit the bed Saturday night I was out like a light. I had been going nonstop for two days for this housewarming. Now I'm ready for someone else to throw a party so that I can attend and just sit and eat. :)

Thanks everyone for making the day so special and fun.


Chrissy said...

congrats on a successful house warming! i wish i could have been there, but am looking forward to visiting with you soon.

and chocolate covered sunflower seeds?!? those sound ah-may-zing.

the German said...

well, i am sorry about intimidating people. i d\seriously did not mean to and just ddred three times... sigh.. :) thanks for the good time, though! but i totally understand the feeling after the housewarming! darrell and i were tired after ours as well.

J said...

Hey ZayMoMo.. it's your unreliable friend J.. happy to share serving pieces but flaky about attending! A hearty 'Sorry for missing your first big housewarming' is due but doesn't seem to cut it. I'm so glad it was a fab success although I'm not suprized one bit, you seemed so prepared!

But why I'm really writing is to say..


Hope today is special! Love always.. your flaky friend, J.


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