Wednesday, October 24, 2007

She ain't heavy...she's my no-moan-ya..

I made it through the complete work day yesterday. I was quite pleased with myself. Today, I feel a bit more better than I did yesterday. Hopefully, this is a trend and by the weekend I'll be a somewhat peppy self again.

It's funny to watch some people's faces when I announce that I have the no-moan-ya. Some faces show true horror to how something so horrible could happen to such a ordinary girly like myself. These people ask a ton of questions in trying to secure the secret for themselves on how to not get the no-moan-ya. Believe me...if I knew the secret I would have used it for myself.

Other faces pull tightly as the body lurches backward about a foot or two away from me as if I just announced that I have the black plague. I love it too when the person quickly brings up their hands to their mouths as if that block of flesh can ward off the evil spirits emanating from my pie hole. Please don't make me laugh because I cough a lot when I laugh and for you I might not remember to cover my mouth.

There are the faces that show true concern as they tsk tsk my ailments away. These people usually offer up dishes of love to get me back to health. I'll take a raincheck until I can muster up an appetite again. I'll eat your hearty dishes and then hug you tightly.

I'm sure as I sit in my office hacking up a lung there are some that wish that they could make me go home so that I don't spread my cooties around the office. I can assure everyone that I am cootie free but I am still on the mend from the no-moan-ya. So, please don't mind me as I hack away.

I will not spread the no-moan-ya. I will keep it to myself and wear it down to a teeny tiny speck until it disappears from my body completely.


Natetron said...

i was going to be funny but then i saw seamus licking the watercooler and my mind went blank. now breakfast. i feel for you.

on the bright side, you will probably be sick-free for the rest of the most of the winter!

Zay said...

now i have an image of seamus licking a water cooler.


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