Tuesday, October 30, 2007


My girly Chrissy mentioned getting "booed" one night. K and I also got "booed" in our neighborhood too.

It was around 9:30 p.m. and there was a hard rap at the door, which made the two pups lose their friggin' minds (this unfortunately is pretty normal for my two dogs). Josie and Toby barked and howled and zipped around looking out the window for the intruder.

K and I looked at one another and shrugged and wondered who could be at our door sort of late on a work night. K went to the door and opened it only to trip over a clay pumpkin and no visitor in sight. We brought the pumpkin inside and lifted its lid to find candies and a message that we had been "booed." The instructions were for us to also anonymously "boo" two other people.

I am not usually a paranoid person but for some reason I didn't feel comfortable with keeping the candy so I ended up tossing it into the trash. If for some reason the actual "booer" is a reader of this site then I deeply apologize for throwing away good candy. However, I don't know who gave the candy to us so I thought it was safe to not eat candy from strangers.

We did immediately take out a votive candle and light that little clay jack-o-lantern pumpkin up. He's so cute.

Since I was still in the midst of having pneumonia K took it upon himself to gather up some things to "boo" two of our neighbors the next day.

K got some cute little Halloween trinkets to fill up two felt Halloween bags and waited until it was dark around 9-ish before going on his haunting adventure.

As K was about to "boo" his first victim he noticed some neighbors out in their yard looking at him suspiciously and K gave them a neighborly, "Hey, how are y'all?" They just gave K the look even though K has talked to this couple before. I guess it was too dark and maybe they didn't recognize K.

K got to the house of this nice lady that we have spoken to before. She has a daughter that our little cousin is good friends with so we figured this was a good house to "boo."

*A little back history on this family: I guess several days ago this family's vehicle was broken into and some things were taken like a laptop for example.*

K set down the little Halloween bag and the note that they have been "booed!"

K walked past the couple who gave him the ole' hairy eyeball and this time they are accompanied by another neighbor who are all looking at K like an escaped convict. K once again says, "Good evening!" and is again met with silence.

By this time K notices that the light is turned on the front porch of his first "booed" victim and then sees several shadows wandering around the porch as if they are looking for a lost shoe or maybe searching for a suspicious cat burglar.

K is now thinking, "Great, I am going to friggin' jail."

K finds that he is walking a bit faster now and delivers his next Halloween bag to his second "booed" victim and gets home pretty fast.

After several days of walking the dogs up and down the street of our neighborhood K has noticed that neither of the houses that he had "booed" had put up the signs on their doors announcing to others that they have been "booed," as well.

*Not only are you to boo two other people anonymously but they are instructed to label their homes/offices as having been "booed" so that others know to not "boo" them again.*

K is a bit annoyed that the other two homes did not participate like us and is almost jaded to play along with something like this again.

I'm still giddy, though, that we were "booed" to begin with. I love being "booed" and it's a game that we've played in our dept. before at work.

I think K will get over it but I guess since it turned out to be a potentially dangerous adventure for him next time he'll send me take up the gauntlet of the ole' neighborhood watch.


Chrissy said...

How funny! Y'all are better booees than me, as I have yet to boo anyone back. I feel awful about that, but I really have not had any time. I'm going to put something together tonight and get out there - K and his adventures have inspired me. I will be sure to dress in black and leave the zombie makeup at home.

Zay said...

haha...hey, don't forget too that you can take the boo to the office, as well...it doesn't have to stay in your neighborhood.

Pacer said...

This sounds like something that would happen in our neighborhood!

Zay said...

pacer...even though the hubby is now jaded to the experience i think it was quite neat. :)


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