Monday, September 17, 2007

Weekend recap...

Friday, 14 Sep: The hubby and I took the day off of work. At first it was just going to be me waiting for the delivery of our new fridge but thank goodness K decided to take the day off too.

The delivery guy brought our fridge and rolled it into our garage. We decided it wouldn't fit in the door as is. So the delivery guy is now mumbling how he can't do this or that because he would be liable. We have him roll the fridge to the back of the house to another entrance and K and I decide we'll have to take the doors off the fridge. The guy is mumbling some more about liability, etc. He then says that he has to be somewhere at 3. As K is removing the fridge's doors the delivery guy takes his dolly and leaves our fridge in our backyard in the grass. WTF??

K and I don't even bother to cuss but we both look at one another in disbelief. We make a cardboard ramp to cover the two steps that the fridge has to go over and tip it on its side. I had to cover the black fridge with a bed sheet too because the sun made it too hot to the touch. Poor K got burned a couple of times just touching the fridge. The real work began when K pulled and I pushed that big bubba fridge up that make shift cardboard ramp. After lots of grunts and moans we finally get the hefty appliance where it needed to be and closed up the storage room and locked it up. We made a trip to Lowe's to buy ourselves a dolly. We played with several dollies before deciding on a very sturdy hunk of red metal.

With the dolly we were able to move the old fridge into the storage room where it was plugged in and moved the new fridge into the kitchen.

I called Aafes where I had ordered the fridge and told them how shitty Dunigan's Warehouse in Lufkin was and how they had handled the delivery. They, of course, will make their own phone calls and apologized and they'll be sending me a gift certificate from Sear's.

That evening we met up with M & K and had a nice dinner and fun conversation over sushi. (Happy Anniversary M & K!!) We didn't get home until around 10 or so. It felt like a very long day probably from all the sweat we lost over the fridges.

Saturday, 15 Sep: Worked on the guest bedroom and got it ready for the arrival of K's cousin, Steph. Having the queen sized blow up mattress in there looks pretty good and it's also nice that the old tv works great in there...cable and all.

K and I then took off for Lowe's (our favorite place these days) and bought a cable for the new fridge so that we could get the ice maker connected to the water line. Wheee! Success, y'all. We now have ready made ice at our finger tips. Aaaaah.

Not too long after arriving at the house cuz Steph arrives in our drive way. She hung out with us for about two hours or so and takes off down the street for the aunt and uncle's. We later follow for some family time and bbq.

B and his girlfriend A showed up around 9 p.m. at the aunt and uncle's and hung out for a bit. We left for our house around 10 with B, A, and the cuz. After being in the house for like 3 minutes the doorbell rings and there's M & S. :) So now we have a's a party!

B brought his wii and we all played some wii sports. Everyone calls it a night and I stay up until about 2 a.m. playing Zelda.

Sunday, 16 Sep: K gets us and the cuz some breakfast at the Donut Palace. We love their sausage, egg, and cheese croissant sammiches. The cuz finally leaves around 10/11 a.m. since she has to hit the road for Houston.

K does the groceries and I play some more Zelda as I get a load or two of laundry done.

I skated in my neighborhood for about 30 minutes and then took the dogs on a 30 minute walk. I ran into SoLow (one of my ex-derby sistahs) in my neighborhood and got to talk to her for a while.

Went home a sweaty tired mess. K made a Rachael Ray recipe (thanks F! for the magazine) called "the sloppy Cubana." It was good but kind of wrecked my gut. haha.


the German said...

wow, what a weekend.

Zay said...

indeed. :)

Mary T. said...

I have a hard time keeping up with all of your friends. When I start reading these, I sit there going--now who is S? I think there are too many M's in this town and MRT and I are not helping things! I still have no idea who most of the people are, but I kind of like the mystery. Also, good luck not playing Zelda all the time. It ate Matt's life for several weeks.

Zay said...

mary: when we see each other i can give you a crib sheet with initials and names and then i shall quiz you. :)

also...zelda rawks!

Chrissy said...

i figured out most of the initials, but S threw me for a loop. mysterious... also, i can't believe the fridge guy! what nerve! i hope that giftcard is worth a million dollars.


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